For those appreciative clients who wish to gift Me, here is a list of My preferred items…..

  • Latex garments – Size XXL – preferably from Ozfetish
  • Pleaser boots Size 11 – available from Shoes of Hollywood Strathpine
  • Hades boots Size 10 – available online of from Beserk Clothing
  • Gift cards from Inked Shop (please note $US exchange rates)
  • Jewellery – gothic/steampunk pieces from Alchemy, available online or from Underworld Realm
  • Fragrances – Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hypnotic Poison (YSL)
  • Toys – ANYTHING from Black Rabbit Premium Leather Chapel Hill

PS If you buy Me lingerie, I WILL enjoy seeing you wearing it!

Thanks to all My lovely slaves who regularly bring Me sweets, wine and flowers. I don’t drink alcohol, but I do appreciate the thought.