Slave m’s second training session with Mistress Dark Rose – at Ozfet

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her Aspley dungeon……

What an awesome night at Ozfet last Saturday.  Especially so for slave m, whose second training session was done very publicly – no cosy heated dungeon for him second time around.  Took him out on a leash and showed him whose Boss.  First time nudity jitters were quickly put to rest.  Red bottoms are commonplace at the play parties I attend. 




Loving the lingerie – Mistress Dark Rose dungeon expose


slave r at a recent visit to Mistress Dark Rose’s Aspley dungeon….

Who doesn’t love the feel of a sissy’s ankle when you are fastening a rope around a sheer stockinged leg? And black lace panties are always a good choice, especially as they leave the butt nicely exposed for paddling and caning.  Thanks to slave r for allowing Me to use this pic, but then again, I am the Mistress so he really didn’t have much choice. 


Nipple torture with a seasoned sissy

Mistress Dark Rose at work in Her Aspley dungeon again – thanks to sissy p for allowing Me to use these……

What a lovely session yesterday – sissy stockings, spanking, caning and nipple torture.  And what a seasoned diehard nipple slut you are, sissy p!  Next time I’ll have to get carpenters’ clamps.  Can’t wait! 


Thank you very much again Mistress

A message for Mistress Dark Rose….

Thank you very much again Mistress for a wonderful session on Friday night. Very much enjoyed having you greet me at your dungeon door in all your Best Leather it seemed. Loved being introduced to E-Stim and the rest of your arsenal for the hour, and felt quite pampered and spoilt at the end of it, and a bit sore

slave j



Mistress Dark Rose writes…

My latest Dungeon enhancement.  23 degrees, just how I like it. 

An earnest and sincere thank You

A message for Mistress Dark Rose…

An earnest and sincere thank You for allowing me to visit You in Your delightful dungeon and for the intense and challenging session.

Last evening You guided me to experience some sublime sensations, not only of exquisite pain but expansion of my comprehension of pleasure to be experienced when trusting my being to You.

I long for the next chapter in this journey and the heights to which you can raise me.

Slave s

Mistress Dark Rose at work


BDSM isn’t just a job for Mistress Dark Rose, it’s Her passion and She enjoys socialising at fetish events and meeting like-minded kinksters.  If you see Mistress Dark Rose out at events and play parties, please introduce yourself.  She loves to train newbies and help fellow BDSM folks explore this wonderful work of kink. 

Thanks to Wegster for this recent action shot taken at Reformatory.  And to Mistress Dark Rose’s lovely subject, who still had a sore bottom a week later.  hehe


50 Shades of Grey – Mistress Dark Rose offers private introductory lessons for interested singles and couples – day or evening

Did 50 Shades of Grey spark something inside you or your partner that you want to explore further, but you don’t know what to do next?

Instead of wasting money on useless toys at your local sex shop (that you can’t return if they turn out to be fizzers), why not spend some quality time with an experienced Dominatrix (like Mistress Dark Rose) who can teach you the ropes? Mistress Dark Rose’s dungeon at Aspley is private and well equipped – or you can have private tuition at home.


Electrical play with Mistress Dark Rose in Her Aspley dungeon


Mistress Dark Rose likes to challenge Her slaves.  After all, how can you prove your dedication to your Mistress if you never let them push your boundaries? 

After reddening slave m’s little bottie (I made him wear killer high heels for the duration – and why not, I have to so why not him?) I introduced him to E-Stim, which he obviously liked.