sissy p back for more punishment – with Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……..

Sissy p was back for more punishment on the weekend – this time with wicked new nipple clamps, violet wand, electric butt plug and My cat-o-nine-tails.  I was surprised at My cat, I wasn’t allowed to break skin so I only swung it from half way down the length.  It left some lovely bruises – immediately.   And sissy p, what a diehard!  I think I’ll change him name to max power!

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0486.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0487.JPG




Bondage fun with Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……..

I enjoy My work immensely.  Making My client’s fetish fantasies come alive is very rewarding.  Take slave r – we had lots of fun today with his kidnapping/hostage fantasy.  He had no idea how long he was restrained, gagged, helpless.  All his desperate efforts to break free proved useless – he was completely in My grasp.  A few gag changes (the ball gag proved too dribbly), leather cuffs, zip ties, pallet wrap and a wicked captor!  We’re already planning our next scene. 


Judicial caning with Mistress Dark Rose in her Aspley dungeon

Mistress Dark Rose writes…

It’s a dedicated sissy who can ask Mistress for “six of the best” with EACH of My newly acquired judicial canes.  These four foot beauties sure pack a wallop!  I almost ran out of swinging space too.  Luckily sissy p was lying down for the last three sets.  Or she would have given way at the knees, I am sure!  Well done, sissy p!




Mistress Dark Rose writes…

Head to toe leather, ready for an extended session of boot worship and CBT.  What a lovely combination!

Mistress Dark Rose’ tough love for naughty slaves

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

One of My naughty little masochist slaves wasn’t on her best behaviour last night at Reformatory.  She and her “slave sister” had been shackled together for the evening so serving their Mistress proved quite a challenge, much to My delight.  This is what you get for not putting enough milk in My tea.  I actually think she did it deliberately, as she is very fond of black and blue.  hehe



I don’t visit – Mistress Dark Rose’ response to outcall requests

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon……

I get asked often to do out-calls but My answer is always the same – I don’t do them.  Why?

I have a beautifully appointed dungeon in My private home, which has everything I need at My fingertips.  If someone suggests something during a session, I can manifest it in seconds. 

I want all My slaves to benefit from My expertise and discretion.  I can’t do that if I have to pack what I can in a suitcase and lug it around the town, to destinations unknown and not conducive to safe, private and well-constructed play. 

I also don’t believe it’s value for money, paying more to get a half-done session with a handful of toys, when My entire arsenal is at My immediate disposal. 



Mistress Dark Rose’s naughty baby boy

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private dungeon…..

My baby boy writes….

Just checking in, did you get my reply the other night? I hope it was helpful. I’m getting excited about my next visit.  I’ve been fantasizing about it a lot recently, and it’s helping me decide the kind of experience I want ­čÖé and just another thank you for being so open and helpful, especially when I poured a few darker fantasies out last e-mail, and you were okay with it all. Wasn’t sure if all of that was okay, but you made me feel the way I want to feel about it! A little scared and very excited!
Thanks again, can’t wait for next time!
Your baby boy

He was a very good baby last time, but he’s been naughty.  And everyone knows how Mistress treats naughty boys, don’t they?  hehe



A refreshingly different experience visiting Mistress Dark Rose

Mistress Dark Rose writes from Her private Aspley dungeon…..

Sometimes I forget just how daunting it must be to visit a Mistress for the first time, not so much for a first timer, as they don’t really know what to expect, but for someone who has seen other Mistresses and may or may not have had a good session. 

I’ve recently had My share of clients who have seen a few Mistresses in the past, but not had good experiences.  One client was sounded so badly he had blood in his urine for days.  Another developed an anal tear which took weeks to heal after having a strap-on forcefully inserted.  I was pleased they trusted Me enough to let Me revisit those activities in the correct way, which they both found delightful. 

As a mature, friendly and naturally curious person, I pride Myself in being able to put My clients at ease shortly after we meet.  While suspense MAY be a Mistress’ greatest weapon, knowing when to use it is the key.  Dominance isn’t so much about dominating someone as teasing out their will to serve. 

Take serious d, for example.  He had seen other Mistresses before, but remained tense for most of his session, despite him telling Me he felt quite relaxed.  I honestly didn’t think he was really enjoying his exposure to new sensations but he left beaming from ear to ear, resolved to return. 

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be uncertain about your experiences with a Mistress.  A seasoned professional will lead you on a journey of profound intensity if you place trust in their judgement.  But remember the rules.  Make sure you place your trust in someone who deserves it.