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Mistress DarkRose Dungeon Brisbane South at Salisbury BDSM Dominatrix



For those appreciative clients who wish to gift Me, here is a list of My preferred items…..
  • Latex garments – Size XXL (I prefer My own selections, so a gift voucher is better – you DON’T want to disappoint Me)
  • Gift cards from Inked Shop (please note $US exchange rates)
  • Jewellery – gothic/steampunk pieces from Alchemy
  • Fragrances – Balenciaga, Hypnotic Poison (YSL)
  • Toys – ANYTHING from Black Rabbit Premium Leather

PS If you buy Me lingerie, I WILL enjoy seeing you wearing it!

Thanks to all My lovely slaves who regularly bring Me sweets, wine and flowers. I don’t drink alcohol, but I do appreciate the thought.


An Extract from My BLOG

I was overjoyed when asked by a couple to be part of their intimate ritual. It seems he loves being caned and gets extremely aroused. Scenarios were discussed, arrangements made, date and time set. The canes unveiled, admired, chosen and wielded, with gusto. And yet, the intimate part of the ritual didn’t eventuate. One can only surmise the apprehension of a visiting a formidable Mistress with Her substantial cane collection proved a bit overwhelming. Add to that a few strokes of My Singapore cane, enough to daunt the hardiest of cane-lovers…..

Alas, session shortened, money refunded, couple on their way to rethink strategy. Mistress encourages them to return to fulfill the experience.

The moral of this story – sometimes it does you no good to build something up too much in your mind. I make a living breathing life into My clients’ fantasies, mostly with pleasant and surprising results. But there are some times you can overthink a situation/scenario to your detriment. It’s disappointing for Me too, as a Mistress who loves what I do and relishes in providing My clients with a unique and memorable experience.

UPDATE – this story did have a happy ending.  I have seen this couple again a number of times, with increasingly satisfying results.  It’s the reward that comes from building trust – an attribute I hold dear to My cruel, dark heart.


Text Me on 0499 978 955 to book your next session